The story of our tree nursery starts in 1977, when the grandson of the arboretum’s founder, Gyula Folly, decided to create a permaculture tree nursery not only to propagate trees for own use but also to sell saplings for profit. Since then, this nursery, home to the oldest Persian silk tree in Hungary, has gone through many changes. We are now a fully permaculture tree nursery, we grow all our own rootstock and grafting. After collecting pinecones in the Autumn, we sow their seeds, and when they have germinated we move the seedlings to containers. As they develop and grow we graft different types of pine branches on to create unique horticultural results. Our one-of-a-kind collection of cedar and cypress trees is our most outstanding feature.

In 2014, we planted 6000 hardy annuals across an area of 1600 square metres. Today, this area has grown into a splendid field of colourful flowers. When in bloom, this colorful variety of flowers and plants, alongside a wide selection of pine tree saplings, are for sale – a lovely souvenir to take home after visiting the Folly Arboretum.