Forest school

The attractions in the Folly Arboretum in Badacsonyörs have recently been expanded as a result of an EU-initiative. Brand new footpaths, a lookout tower and several resting areas have been created. Information boards have been set up and new equipment has been added to the children’s play area. We have designed an interactive educational programme which complies with the ethos of forest schools as well as the science curriculum of primary schools. Our programme is called ‘Égig érő tanterem’ which means ‘Classroom Reaching the Sky’.

Thanks to the grant we have won, we are now in the position to offer free entry for school groups. Please book at least two weeks in advance otherwise normal entrance fees apply. Participating school groups can enjoy a wide range of educational activities which offer young learners hands-on experiences and enrich their academic knowledge. 

‘Classroom Reaching the Sky’ for Year 1-4 students 900 HUF per person

  • guided interactive tour: 900 HUF per person: Children have the opportunity to learn about various plants and animals during a walk in the Arboretum.
  • potting plants: 600 HUF per person: Children can visit our nursery and they can take part in a 30-minute handcraft session making their own arboretum gift or they can opt for planting a coniferous tree and take the small potted plant home. 

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